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What Is a Loan Regime Split Dollar Arrangement?

If properly designed, funded and maintained, this strategy can be utilized to supplement your retirement income, while creating a legacy for your family in a tax-advantageous and asset-protected manner.
02/09/23 • by: Shaw & Nelson, PLLC
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Should You Take Social Security Benefits at Age 62?

An 8.7% cost-of-living adjustment for 2023 will provide Social Security beneficiaries with the biggest boost in four decades.
02/08/23 • by: Shaw & Nelson, PLLC
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Steps to Take for End-of-Life Planning

It isn’t just about wills and funerals—it is a reflection of your values, your goals for healthy aging, and the hopes and dreams you have for those you love.
02/07/23 • by: Shaw & Nelson, PLLC
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How to Protect Loved Ones from Being Disinherited

If your beneficiary designations are out of date and you die without updating those designations, your assets could go the wrong people–a former spouse, for example–no matter what your will says.
02/06/23 • by: Shaw & Nelson, PLLC
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How to Plan a Business Succession

A frequent complaint by next-generation members is that the senior generation never fully lets go of business tasks.
02/04/23 • by: Shaw & Nelson, PLLC
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What Happens When There Is No Will?

Creating a will should be the first step in a comprehensive estate planning process, since it allows you to make sure that your wishes are properly carried out after your death.
02/03/23 • by: Shaw & Nelson, PLLC
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When Can Gifts or Donations Be Made for You?

Many older adults enjoy giving money during their lifetime to family members or donations to a religious or charitable organizations.
02/02/23 • by: Shaw & Nelson, PLLC
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What Should Not Be Kept in a Safe Deposit Box?

Locking away certain valuables and important documents in a bank vault could turn into a headache for you or your heirs.
02/01/23 • by: Shaw & Nelson, PLLC
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What are the Components of an Estate Plan?

It’s essential to think ahead and consider what important legal documents you should include in your estate plan.
02/01/23 • by: Shaw & Nelson, PLLC
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Why You Need a Secondary Beneficiary

Naming secondary beneficiaries can help estate planners avoid the delay and costs of going through probate, as well as ensure that your wishes are carried out.
01/31/23 • by: Shaw & Nelson, PLLC
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