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You Need a Completed and Properly Prepared Will

Although executing a will can seem overwhelming, when the document is signed, you can rest assured that you have given clear instructions to those who will have to handle your estate after your death.
02/23/23 • by: Shaw & Nelson, PLLC
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You Need a Digital Estate Plan

For most people, pretty much everything they owned could be held, sorted and doled out by their estate lawyer. Today, that’s far less true.
02/22/23 • by: Shaw & Nelson, PLLC
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Why It’s Important to Update Your Estate Plan

It is a common misconception that once the estate plan is prepared and executed, it does not require any further attention.
02/21/23 • by: Shaw & Nelson, PLLC
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Top Benefits of Estate Planning

Estate planning isn’t just for the ultra-wealthy, nor is it something you should put off until your golden years.
02/20/23 • by: Shaw & Nelson, PLLC
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What You Need to Know About Inheritance

Heirs receiving an inheritance can expect the process to take time. Having a plan for the money and consulting with professionals are also things to keep in mind.
02/17/23 • by: Shaw & Nelson, PLLC
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What Is a Tax Reimbursement Clause?

Tax reimbursement clauses are a common clause in many trusts. Why are they used? Why are they important for you to understand?
02/16/23 • by: Shaw & Nelson, PLLC
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What’s the Best Way to Organize Your Estate Plan?

Does somebody else know where it is in the event of your death or incapacity?
02/15/23 • by: Shaw & Nelson, PLLC
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What Is a Beneficiary Defective Inheritor’s Trust?

A Beneficiary Defective Inheritor’s Trust, also known as a ‘BDIT,’ is a specific type of estate planning trust.
02/14/23 • by: Shaw & Nelson, PLLC
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How Does an ABLE Account Work for a Special Needs Child?

If you have a child or grandchild with disabilities, one of your biggest worries is what will happen when you are no longer around to provide aid.
02/13/23 • by: Shaw & Nelson, PLLC
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Why Everyone Needs an Estate Plan

Estate planning isn’t just for wealthy individuals with large assets; it’s essential for everyone.
02/10/23 • by: Shaw & Nelson, PLLC
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