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What’s Going on with Veterans Affairs Medical Centers?

Thirty-five Veterans Affairs Medical Centers in 21 different states would be closed or completely reconstructed under a nearly $2 trillion infrastructure overhaul unveiled by department leadership on Monday.
04/21/22 • by: Shaw & Nelson, PLLC
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Organize Your Important Papers and Get Personal and Financial Affairs in Order

The first step in getting your affairs in order is to gather up all your important personal, financial and legal information, so you can arrange it in a format that will benefit you now and your loved ones later.
04/20/22 • by: Shaw & Nelson, PLLC
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How Does a Trust Fund Work?

Trust funds are an important estate planning tool. They can protect your assets while you’re alive and help ensure that you leave money to your children or other loved ones after you die.
04/19/22 • by: Shaw & Nelson, PLLC
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Can a Vacation Home Be Kept in the Family for Generations?

These vacation homes may also comprise a significant portion of the family’s wealth. Therefore, it’s understandable that homeowners want to pass their properties and family traditions to future generations.
04/18/22 • by: Shaw & Nelson, PLLC
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Is Estate Planning Affected by Property in Two States?

When it comes to owning property in two different states, you may wonder how to manage these in your estate plans.
04/15/22 • by: Shaw & Nelson, PLLC
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What Should I Know about Charitable Gifts?

Giving may provide the donor with a sense of purpose, as well as a sense of responsibility.
04/14/22 • by: Shaw & Nelson, PLLC
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How Do You Get a Power of Attorney?

To get power of attorney (POA), the person granting you that power must name you as the agent to have the powers specified in the POA document. It must be signed by the giver while s/he is sound of mind.
04/13/22 • by: Shaw & Nelson, PLLC
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How to Handle Digital Assets in a Will

The rapid rise in circulation and growing popularity of cryptocurrencies is prompting attorneys and estate planners to adjust, as digital assets are inherited through wills, trusts and estates, according to experts who warn of the danger of lost or misappropriated assets.
04/12/22 • by: Shaw & Nelson, PLLC
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No Will? What Happens Now Can Be a Horror Show

It's hard for a family to recuperate when the patriarchs and matriarchs have gone to glory, leaving a battle for who will carry the family's leadership role and manage the family's transition of wealth.
04/11/22 • by: Shaw & Nelson, PLLC
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What Should I Know about Finances Before Getting Married Again?

You may want to consider some financial issues before walking down the aisle again.
04/09/22 • by: Shaw & Nelson, PLLC
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