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What Should Be Considered in Choosing a Care Facility?

Finding a skilled nursing facility or nursing home after a hospital stay can be daunting. Follow these steps and tips to make the process easier.
09/22/22 • by: Shaw & Nelson, PLLC
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Can Unequal Inheritances Be Fair?

The important thing to acknowledge is that the emotions behind the reasons are not trivial, but are important and should not be dismissed or minimized.
09/21/22 • by: Shaw & Nelson, PLLC
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How Do You Provide Financial Help for a Special Needs Child and Retirement Too?

People with children who cannot support themselves need to think well past their own lifetime and figure out how to provide for children after they are gone.
09/20/22 • by: Shaw & Nelson, PLLC
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Why You Need an Estate Plan

Do you know what will happen to your property, belongings and debt when you die? What about your children? If you haven't created an estate plan, now's the time to start. Here's how.
09/19/22 • by: Shaw & Nelson, PLLC
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What Can Happen When You are Asked to Sign a Nursing Home Agreement?

The services provided by a skilled nursing facility are very important. They are also very expensive. The person who arrives at an elder law office with a bill from a nursing home for $19,400—$646.66 per day—is often the same person who signed an electronic version of an admissions form without knowing what would happen. This…
09/16/22 • by: Shaw & Nelson, PLLC
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Another Reason Why You Need an Estate Planning Attorney

Property law can be complex and arcane, even for lawyers and judges. The rule against perpetuities is an example of how older property laws can influence how families transfer and inherit property rights.
09/15/22 • by: Shaw & Nelson, PLLC
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How Do Inherited IRAs Work?

When someone dies with money left in an Individual Retirement Account (IRA), the funds can get passed on to the person's loved ones through an inherited IRA.
09/14/22 • by: Shaw & Nelson, PLLC
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How Can I Choose an Estate Planning Lawyer?

Planning for the future provides protection and peace of mind, so it becomes increasingly important to seniors as they approach their twilight years.
09/13/22 • by: Shaw & Nelson, PLLC
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Yes, You Need a Will. Now.

The thought of preparing your own will might feel a little daunting, bringing an onslaught of emotions like fear or sadness.
09/12/22 • by: Shaw & Nelson, PLLC
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Will Making a Gift Conflict with Medicaid?

Understanding the different treatment of gifts by the IRS, Medicaid and VA systems can ensure that property passes as expected.
09/09/22 • by: Shaw & Nelson, PLLC
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